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BEA Union Investment (“BU”) is a joint venture formed in 2007 between The Bank of East Asia (“BEA”) & Union Asset Management (“Union Investment”). That marks an alliance between the largest independent local bank in Hong Kong and the second largest asset managers in Germany. Our close-knit, experienced team has been steadfastly growing the company, block by block.

BU is an active manager of equities, bonds and mixed-asset portfolios across local, regional to global asset classes. Headquartered in Hong Kong, our investment professionals work closely with their counterparts in Germany. We serve retail, private bank and institutional investors.

Our parent companies are household names in their respective home bases. BEA has grown into having the most extensive network of any foreign bank in China, Asia's growth engine. Union Investment, established in 1956, is the investment arm of DZ Bank Group, the second largest bank by asset size in Germany.

Their alliance marks the unity of Asia's growth potential and Germany's tradition of reliable and precise craftsmanship. As a team, we balance our pursuit for growth and discipline – where high-conviction, Asia-focused investment ideas are implemented against rigorous processes, with the purpose of creating better strategies and solutions for clients.

Tight-knit team
Having a strong team is the foundation to success. We are one very tight-knit management team, made up of veterans with decades of experience across leading global fund houses. That is why we understand the importance of having in place sound governance, policies and investment procedures that are consistent with global standards. A robust framework that can withstand financial shocks, coupled with our nimble structure, allows us to protect our client’s wealth by responding swiftly to any market situations. In the face of challenges, we have each other's back, fully supporting one another in the front to-back value chain. There is no place for a silo mentality.

We have been intensely focused on growing our capabilities and differentiating ourselves as an Asian investment specialist. Locating in the region gives us the advantage of being close to the markets, allowing us to have a better grasp of the nuances and dynamics in the region. Our bond and equities investment managers work as a team, where evaluation and selection of stocks and bonds are aligned. We are determined to excel in the one region where we do best. Such focus means our time and resources have been well spent to devise bespoke and out-of-the-box solutions to fit the individual needs of our clients.

Forward-looking mindset

A forward-looking mindset means we will not hesitate to venture into new forays, once they prove to add strategic values. Being a first mover is no easy feat. But we are not quitters. In the face of adversity, we tackle the problems with unwavering perseverance. Each journey begins with a single step and we have built each and every one of ours step by step, stone by stone, in a resolute manner.

We take pride in our teamwork, unwavering focus and resilience, and we hope you will too.