BEA Union Investment Asia Pacific Multi Income Fund ("APM")

Flexible Allocation in Asia-Pacific Equities and Bonds and Ride on the Investment Trends in the Region

Flexibly allocates in Asian equities and bonds

Timely adjust the equity and bond mix to capture opportunities in different market conditions

Ride on investment trend evolving

Timely catch the investment trend e.g. supply chain bottleneck and industrial upgrading

Aim to provide monthly dividend

Yields are not guaranteed, dividend may be paid out of capital+
Annualized dividend yield as of November I
USD 5.5%
HKD 5.5%
RMB hedged 7.9%

Where can you find investment opportunities in the process of economic recovery?

1. The International Monetary Fund raised the economic growth forecast of the Asian region and lowered that of western countries which reflects a promising growth potential of the Asia-Pacific region.


2. The pandemic is more contained in Asian countries and the vaccination rates have been exceeding the western countries which paves the way for speedy economic recovery.


3. Asia-Pacific stocks have lower price-earnings (P/E) ratios with decent corporate quarterly earnings which attract global capital inflow.


Grasp the advantages of investing in Asia-Pacific region under the new investment themes

Fund features – allocates flexibly in equities and bonds to capture growth and dividend payment opportunities

The Fund can allocate 50% to 70% in Asia-Pacific equities while the rest in bonds:

To capture growth opportunities under different market conditions and enhance dividend payment capacity.

The Fund adopts conviction and discipline investment strategy:

Highly selective in names which are financially sound and with strong cash flow for stronger portfolio foundation and lower portfolio volatility.

The Fund invests from bottom up:

With the local expertise in Asia investment, our award-winning investment team selects high quality names to maximize portfolio return.

Stable dividend record: Annualized dividend record at around 6% on average over the past 5 years II

(Aims to provide monthly dividend. Yields are not guaranteed, dividend may be paid out of capital)+