BEA Union Investment Asia Pacific Multi Income Fund ("APM")

Flexible allocation between equities and bonds to create multi growth potential

Flexible allocation between equities and bonds

Capture growth opportunities while diversifying source of income

Focus on Asia with favourable prospect

Asia equities and bonds exhibit long term growth potential

Dividend potential

Yields are not guaranteed, dividend may be paid out of capital+

Asia focused mixed-asset strategy offers a risk-aware approach to capture growth potential

Asia’s economic growth potential surpassed other regions. The global economy is challenged by the surge in energy prices and inflation pressure. However, Asia is expected to be a leading growth engine continuously according to the latest report.


Asia equity markets offer attractive long term growth potential which presents a lower price-earnings ratio compared to global peers.


Asia bonds provide higher yield and shorter duration, which makes it a valuable asset class when the markets are sensitive to the changes of interest rate.


With solid experience in Asia and back by 10 years of proven track record1,the fund is aimed to capture growth and dividend income potential.

Allocate up to 70% in Asia-Pacific equities while the rest in bonds

To capture growth opportunities under different market conditions and enhance dividend payment capacity.

Adopts conviction and discipline investment strategy

Highly selective in names that are financially sound and with strong cash flow for a stronger portfolio foundation and lower portfolio volatility.

Invests from bottom up approach

With the local expertise in Asia investment, our award-winning investment team selects high quality names to maximize portfolio return.

Stable dividend record

Annualized dividend record at around 5.9% on average over the past 5 years2 (Yields are not guaranteed, dividend may be paid out of capital)+