Sustainable Investments

Our Commitment

As an active investment manager, BEA Union Investment ("BU") believes that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors can achieve better risk-adjusted returns over the long term.  ESG factors can have material impacts on the value of companies and securities, and these issues should be considered alongside traditional financial measures to provide a comprehensive view of the value, risk and return of an investment.  Hence, we regard sustainable investing as an integral element in fulfilling our fiduciary duties towards our clients.

Our Sustainable Investment Policy outlines BU's philosophy and methodology to ensure that ESG considerations, including how we approach ESG risks and opportunities, are embedded in our investment process.
Our Engagement Policy outlines BU's philosophy and framework in engaging the investee companies to identify ESG risks and opportunities.
Our Proxy Voting Policy sets out the guidelines and procedures to ensure that proxy voting is conducted appropriately and in the best interests of our clients.

To demonstrate our commitment to sustainable investment, we have been a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI) since 2021.

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