BEA Union Investment Asian Bond and Currency Fund ("ABC")

Embark on the high yield bonds journey with our investment capabilities in Asia


Morningstar Overall Rating +

Focus on a range of Asian high yield bonds to seek long-term growth potential and risk diversification

Short duration with comparatively lower interest risk

Dividend potential

Average annualised dividend yield of USD class at around 6% I in the past 5 years

Over 13 years of proven track record in investing Asia Bonds

Awarded 43 fund awards since 2012II

Asia has higher growth potential compare with Europe and the U.S.

Attractive bond valuation

Steady growth in Asia high yield bond market offers yield advantage and potential return compare with Europe and U.S. peers.

Relatively short duration

Asia high yield bonds with short duration might less sensitive to interest rate changes.

Wealth of investment opportunity in the region

Asia provides compelling return opportunities including the coal sector in India, the oil & gas and real estate sector in Indonesia and China market.

BEA Union Investment Asian Bond and Currency Fund

The Fund aims to seek regular interest income, capital growth and currency appreciation through investing in Asia bonds. With the flexible approach, the allocation of high yield bonds and investment grade bonds will be actively managed according to the market conditions

As one of the pioneer fund amongst the Asia high yield bond peers, the investment team has proven track record since 2008.

Achieved an annualized return of 5.6%IIIsince launched 13 years ago.

Since 2017, the fund has distributed dividend every month (aim to provide monthly dividends, dividends are not guaranteed, and distributions may be paid out of income and/or capital) and provided the average annualised dividend yield of 6% I (USD class).

While focusing on Asia high yield bonds to generate alpha, the investment team also actively adjusts the allocation of investment grade bonds for risk diversification.

BEA Union Investment Asian Bond and Currency Fund